Power Lines

Private Power Lines

Coutts Bros Inc builds private power lines for new or existing homes.

Coutts Bros Inc constructs Overhead and Underground line extensions.

Coutts Bros prefers to build your line to your local power company's standards, but if you choose, we will meet your individual needs.

Coutts Bros Inc has the ability to expedite the line construction process for customers working with a time budget.

Get a power line today:
     1. Contact Central Maine Power at 1-800-750-4000 to set up your account.
     2. Call Coutts Bros Inc to set up a site review to design your line and create a proposal for you.
     3. Sign proposal and return to Coutts Bros Inc with a 50% deposit.
     4. After Coutts Bros Inc has constructed your line, contact CMP for a site inspection.

Should I turn my line over to Central Maine Power after CBI builds it?
     CMPCO maintains line (ie. tree trimming, storm damage).
     Customer has non liability for line.
     Some customers prefer to save the CIAC tax fees, especially on longer lines.

Commercial High Voltage Electrical Work

Coutts Bros Inc can assist electricians with high voltage work for commercial customers

Coutts Bros Inc can provide and install transformers for single phase and three phase projects; both overhead and underground construction

Coutts Bros Inc can install conduit systems for industrial customers, utilities and municipalities

Transmission Power Line Construction

We work for utilities across the northeast on new transmission line construction and maintenance projects on existing lines.

CBI has specialized equipment and lineworkers to perform transmission line construction and maintenance safely and efficiently.

Recent Projects

Line 370, Rutland, VT (345kV)
Coutts Bros Inc worked as a sub-contractor for Green Mountain Power CBI built roads, set poles, framed structures on 13 miles of 345kV new construction. Assisted Shaw EDS with wire running.

Barre to Granite (115kV)
In order to meet stringent deadlines, Coutts Bros Inc worked 27 consecutive days in all weather conditions to upgrade structures and increase conductor size. Replaced Structures. Changed Cross Arms/Revamped Structures. Assisted Shaw EDS with make ready and stringing operations.

Section 68 Rerate Project (115kV)
Completed 115kV energized structure replacements on single pole davit construction. Cutover single and double circuit structures. Utilized off-road ledge crew.