Coutts Services

Distribution Services

Coutts provides construction and maintenance services on distribution facilities for a wide variety of utility, commercial and private customers. We have worked on hundreds of miles of overhead and underground distribution line projects throughout the northeast. We are highly skilled at working in energized, de-energized, aerial and underground environments.

Coutts has several long term and established alliance agreements with a variety of clients to perform distribution line construction and maintenance services. WE understand the value of developing a strong collaborative relationship that fully integrates team members consisting of key personnel from both the clients and contractors project management staff.

Safety is the principle core value at Coutts. Safety sustains our employees, customers and company. Our safety team is constantly monitoring our safety training programs to ensure they are compatible in practice with that of our clients. Knowing your system and how you “want it done” is a primary objective at Coutts.

Utility, commercial and private customer services:

  • Pole Setting
  • Equipment Installation
  • Wire Stringing and Cable Placement
  • Street Light Installation
  • Emergency Response Services
  • URD and Conventional Equipment Installation for both New Construction and Aerial to Underground Conversions
  • URD System Repairs, Cable Placement and Splicing
  • Project Planning and Material Procurement

Coutts is a full service contractor driven to work with you as a team member, to foster and achieve common goals, provide safe solutions, reduce costs and increase production and efficiency.

Coutts welcomes the opportunity to be your single resource “Go To Contractor” to assist you with new construction, maintenance of existing plant and provide critical response wth storm restoration efforts.

Transmission Services


Transmission line construction is the heart of Coutts business operations. Since our inception in 1963, we have consistently delivered quality transmission projects and produced satisfied public and private clients across the northeast. Coutts continually focuses on striving to meet the needs of our clients in an ever changing industry while delivering hig quality projects in the safest manner.

Coutts has constructed numerous projects in a voltage range of 34.5kV to 345kV and this vast experience enables us to work safely and efficiently in both energized and de-energized work environments. Experience with new, rebuild and maintenance projects allows us to safely, efficiently and productively handle all aspects of transmission line construction. We blend the usage of new innovative equipment with old school techniques when required. When environmental conditions demand limited impact, our line workers can safely climb.

Coutts is focused on protecting the environment and respect the importance of environmental compliance. Maintaining good relationships with landowners is critical, not only is it good business, it may open up possible solutions to difficult accessibility issues. We have completed projects in a variety of site conditions; mountainous inclines, farmland, solid rock, meadows, flat sandy soil and intense wetlands. We get the job done.

Utility, Industrial and Generation Customer Services:

  • ROW construction Preparation – Clearing/Surveying
  • Environmental Matting and Erosion Control
  • Structure Setting- Direct Embed & Caisson Foundations
  • Single or Bundle Conductor Installation
  • OPGW and ADSS Installation
  • Helicopter Supported Work
  • Energized Line Work- up to 345kV
  • Structure/Cross arm Inspection
  • Ledge Removal- Blasting/Hoe/Drilling

All Coutts employees; onsite crews, office support, and project management personnel realize that as a contractor, we are an extension of you, the client. Therefore, client focused construction is what we strive to accomplish each and every workday so we can earn your trust time and time again.

Emergency response

When it comes to emergency Coutts understands the significant difference between reacting and responding. Reacting is operating within moment. Responding is providing much-needed services through an organized preplanned approach to address emergency situations in the most efficient manner.Over the years, mother nature has taught Coutts many valuable lessons and what it takes to be a safe, responsible, and efficient contractor during companies most critical time of need. It all starts with being prepared for effective response performance before mother nature knocks on the door. Coutts understands that emergencies do not discriminate between business hours and non-business hours, between weekdays, weekends, or holidays.

Coutts crews understand the responsibilities associated with being a valued responder to our utility, commercial in private customers. As an effective responder, we preplan to use best practices in anticipation of the specific challenges associated with all the different emergency scenarios. Our 24-hour emergency service assures that we will respond in the most efficient manner possible. When you need us we are no more than a phone call away from personal assistance, you will reach someone authorized to take decisive, efficient, effective action, 24-7.

The fact that we own our equipment fleet without reliance of rental assistance allows us to respond quickly when the call comes in.

Crews and equipment are ready when you need us.

Coutts has the experience and capabilities to respond to both distribution and transmission system emergencies. Whether it is extensive storm “all hands on deck” response required or isolated structure failure needing immediate repair, we are on the other end of your phone.

Safety is always paramount in anything we do, however, emergency response work requires heightened awareness. Our safety personnel are on board from the moment we receive the call to the time the crews are released. Safety policies and procedures are in place for emergency response and our safety team pays an integral role in our response planning and execution to assure our crews are working in the safest environment given the specific field conditions.

Our History in providing emergency response services is abounding with various examples of customer satisfaction with prompt, efficient, effective responses in both minor and major disasters.

Coutts understands how critical it is to your company to have a qualified contractor assisting during challenging times, we are prepared, ready, and welcome your call no matter what time of day!

Asset Inspection Services

Coutts have been providing high voltage asset inspection services to utilities and private clients for over 20 years. W continually strive to meet the needs of our clients in a constantly changing economic and regulatory environment. We take pride in enabling true predictive maintenance, by identifying problems before they become faults. We help our clients evaluate assets, lower maintenance costs, increase reliability and maintain regulatory compliance.

Every client has a different process and set of needs regarding their maintenance planning systems. Coutts starts by learning your specific needs and then tailors an approach that provides your company with asset condition data in the most efficient manner possible. We gather whatever information you have on the circuit to be inspected and configure our collection process to match your database requirements. We prioritize the data according to your company’s needs and deliver via paper hard copies or digital electronic format.

Depending on the level if inspection desired, Coutts can perform either visual or physical inspections by means of a patrol vehicle, ATV/Snowmobile, or by foot patrol. We can also provide aerial inspections by coordinating a collaborative effort with any of the helicopter service providers we work with.

While on patrol we will collect any additional data requested, such as: structure/conductor support hardware pictures, ROW condition pictures, danger tree reports and clearance measurements.

All inspection personnel are line workers qualified to climb and inspect structures in an energized environment. We believe that the safety of our inspectors must take precedence over everything else we do. Coutts carefully choose those line workers whose experience and talents will provide the most accurate and comprehensive assessment of your system.

Examples of Integral Inspection Functions:

  • Visually inspect structure before climbing
  • Hammer “sound” structure to determine condition
  • Check structure for cracks, shell rot, or woodpecker holes.
  • Check hardware condition for deterioration and tightness
  • Check guys to be tight and bonding to be correct
  • Visually check conductor for broken strands, signs of corona effect, clamps or sleeves and loose or broken wires
  • Check for broken, cracked or chipped insulators
  • Check cross arm cracking and “sound” for rot


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